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MOOC-Ed: Coaching Digital Learning, Unit 2 Reflection

Here is my Unit 2 reflection for the MOOC-Ed, Coaching Digital Learning: Cultivating a Culture of Change. Unit 2 focuses on the development of your PLN (Professional Learning Network) and becoming a "Connected Educator".

What do you see as the most important advantages of adding social media tools to your personal learning network? 

I think that social media tools play an integral role in my Professional Learning Network and without them, my PLN would not be very effective.

Each social media tool provides its own advantages to any PLN. For example, I enjoy using Twitter for the educational Twitter chats. I even moderate a Twitter chat from educators in Hawaii, #edchatHI!

I enjoy using Facebook because it allows me to easily connect with other educators from my school and community. It has become an extension of my school and the faculty meetings. I also think that by connecting with my peers through Facebook, we have developed more personal connections as well.

Google+ also plays a very important role in my PLN and I feel like is the most effective social media tool for me. The people that I have connected with, who come from all over the world, have led me to new ideas, differing opinions, and new ways of thinking. Utilizing Google+ communities and hangouts has brought collaboration to a whole new level for me!

Which social media tool(s) do you recommend to colleagues for professional growth and why?

I've been a member of Google+ since its inception and I now spend most of my time there. I enjoy the discussions and the sharing that occur among fellow educators. One of the greatest benefits of Google+ are it's Communities. Communities are places where like-minded people can gather, either publicly or privately, to discuss specific topics. There are many communities with many topics to discuss. There are communities for almost every classroom subject, every education related topic, and for every technology device! The conversations are rich and the resources are plentiful!

How have you used social media as a tool to help your teachers tap into more professional learning opportunities?

In order to engage my teachers I often employ the use of blogs for a variety of purposes. I have my own personal professional blog, ( that I use to share my own opinions, tips, and reviews for EdTech related topics. I also use several blogs at my school for different purposes. For example, I manage a blog called "The Teacher Showcase" where teachers can share their classroom projects with others in the school. I also have a blog called the "iPad Alert" where I share free and discounted apps as well as great ways to integrate iPads into the classroom. Blogs are an effective way to communicate information, and enabling the comments feature and allowing teachers to guest blog with you can be a powerful way to get teachers involved and become active participants.

Please comment on the document and add your resources, opinions, and ideas!

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