Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 New Google Classroom Features! (Added 8/12/14)

Google added 2 new features to Classroom today!

Google promised added features and updates and they delivered today with 2 new features added to Google Classroom! They are the "About" page and the ability for the teacher to access student files before they turn them in.

The first new feature in Google Classroom can be found in the menu at the top of the Classroom page. It is the About tab! Now, teachers have a place in the Classroom to include information about the class. You can give your class a Title and a Description, include the Room Location, and even attach files, drive files, Youtube videos, and links. Think about including those important documents like a syllabus, required materials list, forms, etc.

The second new feature, and a feature that I've heard a lot of other teachers requesting since Classroom first became beta, is the ability for the teacher to have access to student created files in Classroom before they "Turn In". Previously, teachers had no access to students files until the students turned in the file within the Classroom Assignment page. Now, that's changed!

Once the student visits their Assignment page and creates their file, it will automatically appear in the teacher's Drive folder. And the teacher can also access student files in the Assignment page as well, as shown in the below image.

Google is listening loud and clear to teachers and wants to make Classroom the best it can be possibly be. Keep sending your Classroom feedback to Google. 

Keep the updates and new features coming, Google!

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