Sunday, May 31, 2015

Google Docs Add-on Review: Link Chooser

Here is another great Google Docs Add-on that can be very useful for teachers and students. Link Chooser makes it very easy and convenient to create links to other Google Dive files without having to leave your document.

Link Chooser was created by Tarek Al-Ubaidi, and it simplifies a very time consuming process. Let's say you're working on a project with a group and you're using a Google document, but their are other project files that you want to access as well. You could create links to those other Drive files within your document, but it require the lengthy process of jumping back to Drive, accessing the file, copying the share link, and then returning to your document to create the link. That's just too many steps! Well, Tarek has created an Add-on that significantly reduces those steps all while never having to leave your document!

Watch: How to use the Link Chooser Add-on

Link Chooser opens a box over your doc and allows you to
access your Google Drive files.

Link Chooser will take the name of the Drive file, turn it into a handy link, and insert it into your document.
Classroom Uses

  • Teacher's can use this for grade level meetings, committee meetings, faculty meetings, and curriculum planning. If there are multiple files that need to be accessed, create a single document that links to them all.
  • Students that are working on individual or group projects and have to manage multiple files can also create a single document that links to them all for easy project management.

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