Sunday, July 31, 2016

Create an Automated Online Help Desk with Google Apps!

Create Automated Help Desk w/ #GoogleApps | by @EdTechnocation | #GoogleEDU

While working at a public elementary school as a Technology Coordinator back in 2013-2104, I wanted to find an efficient (and free) way to implement a help desk support system with Google Apps. I created the Automated Online Help Desk w/ Google Apps based on this developers tutorial. Read on to learn how you can easily create one for your school!

The Automated Online Help Desk w/ Google Apps uses a combination of Google Forms, Google Sheets, Scripts, and Google Sites (classic version).

The benefits that this help desk system offers are:
  • It's FREE!
  • I've laid out all of the steps in a easy to follow tutorial!
  • You don't have to be a script or coding guru!
  • Assign & prioritize help desk tickets with numbers and urgency levels
  • Automatically send emails on you behalf to communicate the process
  • It's all organized and managed in a Google Sheet
  • Push frequent help requests to a Knowledge Base on a Google Site
The complete step-by-step tutorial, with copies of the Google Form and Google Sheet, including all of the necessary scripts can be found on my webpage at:

I don't personally use this Help Desk system any more because I've changed schools and they use their own Help Desk software. However, I frequently get educators and IT support emailing with questions and praise about it so I continue to support it!

I recently created a Google+ Support Community at the request of a user. Consider joining the community to ask questions and share ideas!

With a new school year quickly approaching, consider giving the Automated Online Help Desk w/ Google Apps a try! Or share this with your school or district administrator or IT support office.

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