Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Part 1: Thinglink is Bringing VR to Every Classroom!

Part 1: @Thinglink_EDU is Bringing #VR to Every Classroom! | @EdTechnocation #ARVRinEDU
In my constant exploration for virtual reality resources and tools, I think I've found the holy grail for VR creation! The Thinglink 360° & VR Tool is one of the easiest and most classroom friendly. I've put together a four part blog series. In part 1 find out how Thinglink is bringing VR to every classroom.

Part 1: Thinglink is Bringing VR to Every Classroom!
Part 2: Creating Thinglink VR is a breeze!
Part 3: Thinglink VR Student Projects
Part 4: Get Started with Thinglink VR in the Classroom

Thinglink is bringing VR to every classroom!

Thinglink is well known for its interactive image and video editing tools. Like the example above, with a standard image you can embed "tags" to include interactive content like links, images, and videos. Thinglink took that same concept and applied it to 360° images, allowing anyone to create their very own interactive virtual reality experiences!

The above Thinglink VR is a 360° virtual field trip of the Pearl Harbor Memorial that I created as an example, complete with audio recordings, YouTube videos, images, text, and even a Google Doc to cite the sources. All of the content included in this experience were borrowed from the internet (following proper creative commons guidelines). Even the 360° image of the memorial was borrowed, which I found on Google Street View. And what I find to be the most amazing thing about this is that I created the whole experience through a website; no special software required!

Cost Disclaimer: Of course, a tool as amazing as Thinglink VR isn't free. But it is certainly affordable for any teacher or school! You get access to the basic image & video editor with a free Thinglink account. But, if you want access to the 360° & VR Editor you need to purchase, at minimum, a Teacher Premium license for $120 per year. That may seem like a big price tag for just one teacher, but a Premium account actually allows you to give up to 350 students access to the VR editor as well. And you are able to create up to 10 classes. A thousand students is usually way more than enough to cover one school. But, if you do have more than 350 students or if your school wants the option to create more classes, they do have custom quotes, group deals, and packages to choose from as well. Check out all the details on cost here.

Take a look at this amazing resource from Thinglink to celebrate International Women's Day this week. They're working on a series of Virtual Field Trips that will take you around the world to learn about Women's Rights:

Get Quality Professional Development for Virtual Reality & Thinglink VR in the Classroom!

I've been exploring the use of virtual reality in the classroom for the past two years and have been sharing, presenting, and training on the topic for about a year. Starting in April (and through July) I'll be helping to roll out a series of workshops on VR and Thinglink VR in Hawaii on multiple islands. Join me!


Virtual Reality in Education Resources for Educators

There is so much amazing VR content out there! But I found, in talking with other educators, that it was really difficult and time consuming for them to sort through it all and figure out what's worth keeping and using. So I've developed a #VRinEDU resource website designed specifically for educators! Check it out and click on the image to the right to subscribe to my free VR in EDU Updates Newsletter!

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