Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eno Click IWB Support Group Series (Post #2)

 This is post #2 of a series of posts that I will be publishing involving a new support group that I've started at my school. I call it the "Eno Click IWB Support Group." It involves a group of teachers at my school that have recently received an interactive whiteboard (or IWB for short) as well as a "media cart" (which I will get into a little later). These teachers range from young, new, and willing to experiment with new technology, experienced, and hesitant to try new technology, but what I love about them all is that they aren't afraid to try something new! Many teachers may see this as "just one more thing on their plate" but what many fail to realize is the convenience it adds to the classroom and the engagement it brings for students.

Post #1: http://technocation.blogspot.com/2012/04/eno-click-iwb-support-group-series-post.html


Before I began the support group I wanted to create a list of resources that the teachers could use once they became familiar with their IWB. I scoured the web for both software and web-based applications that can be used on an IWB and with students. Here is a Google document that I created that contains a list of resources with their respective links.

To view the document please click on the link: IWB Resources by Technocation

I shared a version of this Google Doc with my support group and gave them each permission to view and edit the document. I asked them to add any resources that they may find while using their IWB. That way, if anything new is found, every teacher in the group will have access to that information quickly and conveniently.

If you know if any resources that can be used with an IWB please feel free to share in the comments below.

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