Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New Updates for the Google Classroom Mobile App!

The Google Classroom mobile app for Android and iOS received 4 desperately needed updates today, all for the teachers! Continue reading for complete details and break downs of the new features and access to my FREE student and teacher guides for the iPad app (updated today!).

Information from the iOS Update.

Teachers Can Create & Edit Assignments

Now any teacher that is part of a Classroom has the ability to create and edit Assignments in the mobile app. This feature was missing from the initial release of the app but greatly needed!

Teachers can View, Grade, & Return Student Work

Some other much needed features for teachers missing from the mobile app were the options to have complete access to assignments, including the option to view student work files, provide grades, and then return the work. Now you can!

Co-Teachers Now Have Mobile App Access

When co-teacher support was added on April 21, 2015, it was only available for the web version of Google Classroom. Co-teachers weren't able to access shared Classes via the mobile app. That featured has also been added. Now the primary teacher and any co-teachers can access all of their Classrooms through the app, and co-teachers have full access to those shared Classes as well (accept for the ability to delete and archive).

Teachers & Students Can Use the Private Comment Thread

The private comment thread that the teacher and students have access to within Assignments can be very helpful for communicating, but this was not available within the app as well, until today! Now, included in the update is the ability to view and add comments to the Private Comment thread for individual students.

If you and your students use the iPad to access Google Classroom, please check out my FREE Google Classroom iPad App User Guides for both teachers and students! These guides have also just been updated to include to the new features. (Original blog post)

Google Classroom iPad App User Guide for Teachers

Google Classroom iPad App User Guide for Students

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