Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Google Docs Add-on Review: Keywords

Have you checked the Google Docs Add-ons lately? New ones get added quite often, but there's no easy way of knowing, other than checking frequently on your own. Well, unless you read my blog! I came across this interesting Add-on just the other day, and it has some great uses for the classroom. Continue reading to learn more about the Keywords Add-on for Google Docs.

Keywords was created by Jarope GAS Dev (who also created Pupil Pref). This add-on allows you to create keyword lists and then display those lists in a side panel next to your Google document. The keywords can also contain descriptions or definitions.

Add the Keywords add-on to your Google Doc.

Watch: How to Use the Keywords Add-on

Keywords creates a spreadsheet for you. Set up the list for your students or invite them
to edit and collaborate on the spreadsheet together.
The keywords & descriptions will display
on the side of your Google Doc.
Classroom Uses
  • Start a list of keywords for a research project. Invite the student to add to the list as they continue their research.
  • Create a vocabulary list during a unit. Students can use their Google Doc to define, draw examples, and so on.
  • The teacher doesn't have to be the only one to create a keyword list. Let students create their own during a project. They can share the list with their project partners as well!
  • Create a spelling list at the beginning of the week. Students can add what they learn about the words to their Google Doc throughout the week, and have a detailed study guide for their spelling test in the end.
  • For easy sharing of the keywords spreadsheet, use Google Classroom! Attach the spreadsheet to an Assignment and give the students view or edit access. Or give them each their own copy so they can create their own keyword descriptions.
Google Classroom is the easiest way to share your keywords spreadsheet with your students.

What ideas do you have for the Keywords Add-on for Google Docs?

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  1. I would like to use Keywords in Google Docs. When when I try, I get Sign in not available for this site. Can I install somehow?
    Joseph Mathew