Monday, July 27, 2015

Try the Sceenius Clicker for Instant Feedback During Classroom Discussions

Thanks to +Oli Trussell for sharing this simple yet powerful tool on Google+. The Sceenius Clicker, originally shared by +Joachim Strohis meant to provide instant feedback and improve the effectiveness of office meetings, but Oli had the brilliant idea of applying this tool to classroom discussions. You could even use it during workshops or conference presentations!

First, be aware that this is in free alpha and is in full testing mode. This could mean several things: it might become a paid product eventually, it might change drastically, or it might just simply disappear at any time.

But while it's still around, use it to your benefit! It's very simple to set up and use. Send your students or your audience to a special URL (i.e., and as the discussion or presentation continues, invite them to provide real-time instant feedback by clicking one of the response buttons. You can have the same URL open on your computer or mobile device and track the numbers in the corners to see what the majority of the students are requesting.
Your students can provide instant real-time feedback
during your teaching or class conversation.
To create your own Clicker go to Type in a code (think of it as the name of your clicker).
Type your personal code, which becomes the name
of your clicker.

Your code becomes a part of your unique URL which you then share with your students or audience.

Your code creates your unique URL.

Chime in: Would you use this tool in your classroom?

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