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A Comprehensive Guide for Google Cardboard in Education

A Comprehensive Guide for Google Cardboard in Education by @EdTechnocation | #GoogleCardboard #GoogleEDU
I recently presented at a local conference called iTeach808 and my plan was to introduce teachers to Google tools that expose students to the world beyond their physical reach: Cultural Institute, My Maps, and Google Cardboard. Let's just say I never got around to Cultural Institute and My Maps. Teachers were just blown away by the potential of Google Cardboard! Here's what I shared with them!

I'm going to share a few of my favorite Google Cardboard resources below. But for a more comprehensive guide visit my resource page!

Favorite Cardboard Options

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.22.49 PM.png
Although these are the most expensive Cardboard options ($19.95+), what I love about is that you can customize with your own logos and images. This might be a great option for schools looking to brand their sets of Cardboard.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.33.27 PM.png
The coolest option I found is to laser cut your own out of wood, cardboard, or other materials.
Find the files on Thingiverse.

Want to know what the cheapest Cardboard option is? 
Check out the Google Cardboard in Education resource page!

Favorite Apps for Cardboard

Discover VR
for Android & iOS

This app doesn't just have amazing 360° and Google Cardboard content, but it can be extremely useful in the classroom as well! Take students on a safari as elephants swim and play or learn about how we're protecting Costa Rica's rainforests, all in an amazing VR experience!

for Android & iOS

Vrse is another great app that provides cinematic virtual reality content. Think of a news story you may watch on TV, and then imagine immersing yourself right in the middle of that story! Vrse does that! For example, check out "Clouds Over Sidra", a story about 12-year old Sidra who has spent 18 months in Zaatari, a Syrian refugee camp. This will definitely change your students perspective on the Syrian civil war.

Favorite 360° Content

If you can't get your hands on enough Google Cardboard and devices for your class, you could always check out the 360° content that doesn't require Cardboard. My favorite place to visit is the #360video YouTube channel. This is an extensive collection of 360° video content that you can play on a mobile device or tablet.

Take your students on a deep dive into a shark infested shipwreck!

For even more great Google Cardboard content and a constantly updated list of resources, visit my Google Cardboard in Education resource page!

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