Monday, April 25, 2016

In the market for a 360° camera? Look no further!

360 Camera Comparison Chart | by @EdTechnocation | #VRinEdu

With the explosion of +Google Cardboard (and Google Expeditions), my interest lately has been with the idea of students and teachers creating virtual reality and 360° content. So I've been exploring the market for an affordable 360° camera. I thought it might be helpful to others if there existed a comparison chart of all the affordable 360° cameras out there. Read further for my top pick and a handy (and constantly updated) comparison chart!

My Top 360° Camera Pick:

After researching the 5 options that are currently available and affordable, I've decided to give the Ricoh Theta S a try. It is the second most expensive camera at $349.95 but it seems to be the easiest camera to use and allows for live streaming, which is an option I definitely want to explore further. It's one button operation seems easiest to use for both students and teachers. It also comes with its own free mobile apps and desktop software. I've purchased 2 of these for my school and I'm excited to get them in my hands! I'll share more about my experience with them soon!

Ricoh Theta S

360° Camera Comparison Chart:

Click to access the 360° Camera Comparison Chart
I'll continue to add to this list as more cameras become available.

If you know of any other affordable 360° camera options that are currently available, please let me know.

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