Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 New Google Form Features in July!

5 New #GoogleForm Features in July! | by @EdTechnocation
July 2017 comes with 5 brand new features added to Google Forms! One of the most anticipated is the availability of File Upload for consumer accounts (previously restricted to G Suite Domains). Check out whats been added to Google Forms!

#1: Reorder Sections!

If you're a heavy Google Forms user already and you also tend to organize your forms into sections, you're going to love this new feature! You can reorder entire sections at one time! Previously, you would have to move one question at a time to a new section. Learn more about how this new features works in the Help Center.
Want to move a whole section in your Google Form? Click the "3 dots" menu in the to right of the section and select "Move section".

Use the UP and DOWN arrows to reorder whole sections.

#2: Create a Checkbox Grid

Multiple choice grids have been available for a long time and they're great for rubrics but there are other evaluation methods that might work best with a checkbox grid in which the user can select more than one option from the columns. For example, maybe you want students to evaluate whether they have all the right parts of a body paragraph in their essay. Learn how to use the Checkbox Grid question type by visiting the Help Center.
A checkbox grid allows the user to select more than one option from the columns.

Here is an example of what the checkbox grid looks like in a live Google Form.

#3: Create Default Settings

If you want to be able to set similar setting across all of the Google Forms you create, you can now do that via the Preferences option in the menu. 

You can create 3 default settings: collect email addresses, make questions required, and you can set the default quiz point value. Choosing these settings in one form will automatically save them for the next form you create.

Choosing these settings for one form with save them for the next!

#4: Intelligent Response for Validation!

You may have experienced intelligent response in Google Forms in which the AI attempts to guess what kind of question type you need or what type of answer choices you are looking for. For example, you may ask the question, "Can you attend the meeting?" The form will likely provide you suggested answer choices of Yes, No, and Maybe.

Intelligent Response is already available and will attempt to guess your answer choices based on your question.

The intelligent response feature has been updated to include validation as well! For example, if you ask "What is your email address?", the form will suggest a response validation with "Validate email addresses?" and turn it on for you.  This will be rolling out over the next few weeks in July.

#5: File Upload for Public Accounts

The File Upload question type is one of the newest to be added to Google Forms, but it was limited to G Suite Domain users only. It's now available for public/consumer Google accounts! If you're using a personal Google account you can add a File Upload question to your Google Form. If you're using a G Suite Domain account (like your school account), you can allow consumer users and users from other domains to upload files as well, as long as the cross-domain sharing is enabled in Google Drive for both domains. Using the File Upload question type will require the user to sign in to their Google account. BE AWARE: Files uploaded through your form will be stored in your Google Drive folder and will consume your Google Drive storage space. Learn more about the File Upload feature in the Help Center.

Using the File Upload feature will require users to sign in to their Google account.

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