Friday, September 22, 2017

Submit & Vote in the Instructables Teachers Contest

Submit & vote @Instructables Teachers Contest | @EdTechnocation #MakerEd is running a teachers-only contest from now until November 6, 2017! Submit your classroom build projects and vote on your favorites. There are some great prizes to earn including a special judge's prize for the best STEAM project. Learn more inside this blog post and find out what project I submitted!

The 2017 Teachers Contest on has begun and there are already some amazing teacher projects being created and shared! This contest is for teachers only. If you have a great student build project or a project that can aid in teaching, create an Instructable and submit it! Need help creating an Instructable? Check out this Instructable: How to Make an Instructable Using the New Editor. The contest officially closes on November 6, 2017. You might even want to consider seeking the help of your students!

I submitted one of my favorite projects from my own high school Make It 101 course! Check out the 3D Printed Construction Kit Project! This project was originally created by Bill Levien at Seabury Hall on Maui, Hawaii. It's a great project to help introduce students to CAD design and 3D printing.

Please consider giving me your vote! If you like my project, click the "Vote!" banner in the top right corner and vote me for! There are lots of other great entires, too, so be sure to look around the contest page.

Instructables has a great Teachers section! Teachers and students can get an Instructables Premium Membership for FREE! Create an Instructables account and then fill out this form. The Teachers page also has projects organized by grade level (K-5, 6-8, & 9-12). They also have categories for subjects and tools. You and your students can even enroll in completely free online Instructables classes and webinars to learn about all sorts of skills, tools, and crafts.


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