Thursday, February 15, 2018

#14DaysofTeachingLove Challenge: ACCEPTED!

#14DaysofTeachingLove Challenge: ACCEPTED! | @EdTechnocation @thegridmethod @MiliLaff
I was invited by Sarah Milianta (@MiliLaff) to join her in the 14 Days of Teaching Love Challenge. This February challenge was created by It became a great way for me to reflect on my love of teaching while also sharing with my PLN! Here are my responses to the #14DaysofTeachingLove Challenge.

Back on January 31, 2018, just a day before February began, @thegridmethod posted a fun challenge for educators, the 14 Days of Teaching Love Challenge.
I ❤️ my PLN! @MiliLaff came across the challenge in her Twitter feed and shared it with her own PLN, me included! Of course, I had to accept!

Here are my 14 Days of Teaching Love responses:

Check out the hashtag #14DaysofTeachingLove. It's never too late to share your ❤️ for teaching!

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