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MOOC-Ed: Coaching Digital Learning, Unit 3 Reflection

For Unit 3 of the MOOC-Ed, Coaching Digital Learning: Cultivating a Culture of Change, we explored the TPACK and SAMR frameworks. These are two great models to help teachers find the most effective way of integrating educational technology. The video link below is the introduction video for unit 3, but I also thought it gave a excellent, brief explanation of the TPACK and SAMR framework.

 Unit 3: Exploring Frameworks (Vimeo)
Unit 3: Exploring Frameworks (Vimeo)

These are the two reflection questions and my responses for Unit 3.

How have you used the TPACK or SAMR frameworks in your coaching work?  

I am familiar with both the TPACK and the SAMR model, but I'm more comfortable with the SAMR model. However, I think both are important and could work together in helping teachers to understand best practices with educational technology.

Although I do not directly relate my technology infused lessons with the SAMR or TPACK model, I would say that I am often attempting to attain the modification or even the redefinition stages of the SAMR model.

I also plan on introducing my teachers to both models to help them realize the potential of the technology they have in the classrooms and at their disposal. The technology we have is often way under utilized, mostly because the teachers are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with how to use them appropriately and effectively.

What challenges have you seen when using the TPACK or SAMR frameworks?

Since I have not directly applied these frameworks in my coaching practices, I have to predict what might be the challenges I will face when I do introduce them to my fellow educators.

I think the biggest problem with educational technology is that some educators will focus more on the technology instead of the curriculum and instruction. Just because you have a class set of tablets or laptops, or an interactive whiteboard, and you try to use them with your students as often as possible, does not necessarily correlate to effective teaching or instruction. We should not simply use technology for the sake of using technology. This is why I think the SAMR model can help teachers to realize the potential and the effect educational technology can have on the instruction and learning if integrated correctly.

Using a projector to display your computer to the class does not mean your integrating technology. Having students type their notes on their laptops instead of writing them on a piece of paper is also not integrating technology. Instead, finding ways to "modify" or "redefine" the lesson and the learning with the use of educational technology will allow students to be more engaged and to learn new skills and gain new knowledge that will benefit them in the real world.

For the Unit 3 Activity, we were required to create a Canvas Board and share our visual analogies of the TPACK and SAMR frameworks. Below is a screenshot of my board and my two analogies. You can visit my board and also add your own visual analogies if you like!

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My Instructional Technology Coaching Action Plan. 
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