Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Best Google Classroom Tweets by Students!

The Best #GoogleClassroom Tweets by Students | by @EdTechnocation | www.EdTechnocation.com

Every now and then I like to scroll through my #GoogleClassroom Twitter feed, and sometimes I happen across a student that has something witty and sarcastic to say about their teacher using Google Classroom. I've pulled some of the best and funniest tweets so far!

I've blurred the students' identity because it's not necessary to enjoy the humor in their tweets. I have no intention of calling them out or getting them in trouble. Let's just enjoy the humor in their tweets and have a good laugh!

I think every student learns this lesson in the beginning!

Do you use more than one?? Just pick one already!

Get used to it! It's all about convenience and efficiency!

For reals!

Somebody does love you! Your teacher!

And I bet the teacher thought they missed the class so much.

Honesty or sarcasm?

If teachers can't get a day off, then students shouldn't either. Right?

Teacher probably wishes they could stop...

Because Geography loves you!

No comment...

Graham got 'em hooked!

And my #1 favorite tweet!
Yes it would make for a great horror flick!

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