Thursday, October 15, 2015

Google Classroom: The Case for Keeping Email Notifications!

#GoogleClassroom: Case for Email Notifications | by @EdTechnocation | #GoogleEDU

I've seen and received many complaints regarding Google Classroom email notifications and how they can quickly clog the inbox. Because of this, many simply choose to turn this feature off. But I'm here to plead the case for leaving email notifications turned on! They don't have to clutter the inbox. You can control and organize them! Find out how in my latest blog post and video tutorial.

Email notifications in Google Classroom used to be the only option. But now, with the mobile app, we can opt for mobile notifications instead of or as well as the emails. But, if you manage multiple classrooms and your students are members of several classrooms, those email notifications can really clutter up the inbox!

Mobile notifications can be very useful when you're on the go. It's an easy way to be kept up to date with the activity in your Classroom and they allow you quick access into the app.

But, wait! Don't just turn off the email notification feature! Those emails can be very useful to you and your students, but you have to gain better control over them. Here's why those email are important:

Hopefully I've convinced you to hang on to those email notifications. But you might be asking, "How can I control and organize them better?" Use Gmail's labels and filters of course! Here is a video tutorial (part of my Google Classroom Video Series) to show you how to quickly and easily set that up. Share this video with your students as well!

Check out my entire videos series and learn about the lesser known features of Google Classroom:

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