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Teleport 360 Editor: Your Gateway into Classroom VR Creation

Teleport 360 Editor: Your Gateway into Classroom VR Creation | @EdTechnocation #teleport360 @Thinglink_EDU #ARVRinEDU
I recently released a four-part blog series about the Thinglink VR Editor and how I'm using it in a variety classrooms at my school. As a Certified Thinglink Educator, I'm super excited to help announce the release of the Teleport 360 Editor for iOS! Dive in and let me show you what this app is capable of!

The Thinglink VR Editor is, in my opinion, one of the best virtual reality creation tools on the market. Its design is simplistic and it's really easy to use for both teachers and students. I blogged extensively about this in a recent four-part blog series:
Up until now, everything was done through their web-based Thinglink VR Editor, which stills works very well on computers and iPads! But the newest app, Teleport 360 Editor, offers even more!

The new Teleport 360 Editor app gives you all the same great functionality as the web tool. You can access all of your Thinglink VR projects, edit them, and share them. But using the app has even more benefits than using the web tool!

Students can pull media resources straight from their Photo Library or even Google Drive!
Access your Photo Library or other cloud services like Google Drive

One of the biggest challenges with VR creation right now is limited access to 360° images. With the app, users will have access to a growing collection of high quality 360° images that they can quickly choose and then jump straight into building a new Thinglink VR project.
The built-in Library gives you access to hundreds of high quality 360° images.

Although the app is free, access to the Teleport 360 Editor does require a Premium Teacher Subscription which costs $120 per year. That may seem high to some teachers, but a Premium subscription actually gives you the ability to give up to 200 students free access to the Thinglink VR Editor and the new Teleport 360 Editor app. If you break down the cost, that equates to $0.60 per student per year.

Need Some Thinglink VR Inspiration?

Here is a collection of completed Thinglink VR projects from my school:

Here is a collection of my own Thinglink VR projects that I use as examples:
Here is a collection of my favorite Thinglink VR projects from other teachers:

Take a look at this amazing resource from Thinglink to celebrate International Women's Day. They're working on a series of Virtual Field Trips that will take you around the world to learn about Women's Rights:

Get Quality Professional Development for Virtual Reality & Thinglink VR in the Classroom!

I've been exploring the use of virtual reality in the classroom for the past two years and have been sharing, presenting, and training on the topic for about a year. Starting in April (and through July) I'll be helping to roll out a series of workshops on VR and Thinglink VR in Hawaii on multiple islands. Join me!


Virtual Reality in Education Resources for Educators

There is so much amazing VR content out there! But I found, in talking with other educators, that it was really difficult and time consuming for them to sort through it all and figure out what's worth keeping and using. So I've developed a #VRinEDU resource website designed specifically for educators! Check it out and click on the image to the right to subscribe to my free VR in EDU Updates Newsletter!

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